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Food Hygiene Ratings

The Food Hygiene Rating scheme supercedes Winchester City Council's Safe2Eat scheme. This new scheme is national and aims to provide consumers with a recognisable indicator.

The Food Hygiene Rating scheme has been devised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in conjunction with various parties in the food industry including local authorities and consumer groups.

Who is given a rating?

Hygiene ratings are given to venues where it is possible for the public to eat out or shop. Such places include restaurants, takeaways, cafes, sandwich shops, pubs and even supermarkets.

Schools, nursing homes and hospitals that provide food also receive a Food Hygiene Rating.

The Rating

Food safety officers award the Hygiene Food Rating score following a full inspection of an establishment. The rating is determined by a number of key factors that include:

  • The standard of hygiene, such as food handling practices and risk assessment of cross contamination.
  • Establishment structural condition and cleanliness.
  • Business management to produce safe food

Ratings range from 0 to 5:

Urgent Improvement Necessary0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
Major Improvement Necessary1 - Major Improvement Necessary
Improvement Necessary2 - Improvement Necessary
Generally Satisfactory3 - Generally Satisfactory
Good4 - Good
Very Good5 - Very Good
Businesses with poor ratings are not always closed, providing that there is no imminent risk to the health of consumers. But these places may be subjected to alternative actions to enforce improvements to their standards.